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XFree86 problems trying to load module 'sis'

Hello all:
I am trying to get Debian running. The sequence of events:
1. installed 'woody' from floppy disks with the bf2.4 (what ever that stands for) images (I wanted to use reiserfs). The install when OK. Got a basic 'cli' Debian system.
2. Did an 'apt-get dist-upgrade' to 'sarge'. All when OK.
3. Used aptitude to install X11. I configured XFree86 OK.
4. This same machine is also running Mandrake, so I know the video works.
5. Issued a 'startx' command. X came up but with the wrong resolution. I looked in /var/log/XFree86 log and found that the driver 'sis' failed to load. 6. From a cli I issued 'modprobe sis'. Got an error saying 'could not find kernel the module was compiled for'.
7. Upgraded the kernel 'with dselect' to 2.4.20-1-k6.
8. Did another 'modprobe sis'. Got error "/lib/modules/2.4.20-1-k6/kernel drivers/video/sis/sisfb.o: init_module: no such device". Also got 'insmod sis failed'.

I am out of ideas of what to do next. Any help would be appricated.


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