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Re: Network issue

On Mon, 2003-06-16 at 22:25, Moe Binkerman wrote:
> what happens if you just do the ifconfig command and then route? When 

The same thing. Usually it takes about two network commands before
things start going awry. I tried on one boot to bring eth2 up with no
default gateway, so it would be on standby, then give a route del
default and a route add default gw <yada>. Same indications on the route
command after that, 30+ seconds to get a response, no connection to the
outside world. Tried swapping back by hand and got the same thing. Did
not change until I rebooted.

> networking grinds, I generally suspect a DNS problem or a firewall problem. 
> I would assume restarting networking would bounce your firewall as well. Are 

Yes. Bouncing the firewall rules as well. Identical rulesets except for
the outside interface is eth2 vice eth0.

> both interfaces static or dhcp? Are you changing your DNS servers when you 
> tryto swap over?

Both interfaces are static. The comcast one is actually a dhcp address,
but we were using the network information that we got from dhcp. The DNS
servers are universally available ones, like, so they remain the
same. And since we are using IP addresses to try to get out, I don't
think it should be using DNS in the first place.


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