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Re: Network issue

Here's a wild guess.
Try a soft reboot of just networking and those ethernet cards, like:
/sbin/ifconfig eth0 down
/sbin/ifconfig eth0 up
/etc/init.d/network restart

Bradley Alexander wrote:
Got a networking question. I have this box thats acting as a firewall.
Basically, its a PII/350 running Woody and gShield. eth0 is the external
interface (DSL) and eth1 is the internal interface. When Verizon screwed
him, he got cablemodem as a backup connection. So I added another
interface (all three are 3Com 3C905s).

The problem is that whether I go in and change /etc/network/interfaces
and restart networking or I manually go in and route del default the
Verizon interface and add the Comcast as the default route (using the
network info they gave me, but _not_ using DHCP), networking gets
severely confused (e.g. doing a route command can take 30 seconds or
more, can't pass traffic, etc). Switching back to the original
configuration doesn't help, either. It remains hopelessly confused until
you end up having to reboot. Once you reboot, it comes up normally, with
either interface as the gateway. Since this one of the interfaces is a
backup, I planned to write a script to automate the switchover. If I
have to reboot every time I have to switch, it defeats the purpose.

This should not be normal behavior for networking, but I'm not sure
where to look.


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