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Re: cdrecord: Cannot open SCSI driver

On Thu, 12 Jun 2003 16:18:32 +0200
Jon Haugsand <Jon-H.Haugsand@norges-bank.no> wrote:
> Trying to get my cd writer to run.  After installing cdrecord, I
> tried:
> cdrecord -scanbus
> Cdrecord 1.10 (i686-pc-linux-gnu) Copyright (C) 1995-2001 Jörg Schilling
> cdrecord: No such file or directory. Cannot open SCSI driver.
> cdrecord: For possible targets try 'cdrecord -scanbus'. Make sure you
> are root.
> Well, maybe my kernel isn't configured for my cd writer, but how do I
> do just that?

The first few entries on a Google search for "cd writer linux" are
targeted at Red Hat, but they make clear that it's SCSI emulation,
through the ide-scsi kernel module, that you're after.

This document, aimed at Debian users, should help you:


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