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Re: floppy device deleted

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Please learn to quote if you expect anybody else to wade though this
thread to help.  Top posting is considered harmful.

On Wed, Jun 11, 2003 at 10:06:35PM -0400, Alfredo Valles wrote:
> Thank you, I did as you say but my floppy is still not working.
> The message is
> mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/fd0,
> or too many mounted file systems
> When I can shut down my machine I will boot up with knoppix to see
> if it is a hardware problem.

It may be a hardware problem, but not with the floppy drive.  The
hardware most likely to be suspect is the floppy disk itself.  They go
bad all the time.  Here's what else I would try:

1) Try mounting a different floppy disk.  If this works, the drive is
   good and the other floppy is probably dead.  If this doesn't work,
   you might want to try rebooting if you haven't since you changed
   your fstab.  I can't remember right now if changes to fstab are
   immediate or wait until the next reboot.  If it still doesn't work
   with any floppies, your drive may be flaky or all your floppies
   died at the same time, which wouldn't surprise me.  (Most floppies
   on the market have been moldering away in warehouses since the mid
   to late 1990s before they reach the stores these days, and it would
   surprise me if anybody still is making them and not just working
   off a surplus).

2) Try mounting the questionable floppy in another computer,
   preferrably on it's native OS if possible.  If it reads there, then
   you might not have the right filesystem module loaded into the
   kernel.  If it's a Windows formatted disk, try modprobe vfat as
   root then give it another go.

3) If nothing works, and you're using the default kernel, then
   there's probably something wrong with your floppy drive.  If you
   compiled on your own, make sure you have the necissary options
   turned on.

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