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Re: Updating to new kernel from 2.4.18-bf2.4

 --- Sam Varghese <sam@gnubies.com> escribió:
> The only source I can find in the cache for my Woody box is 2.4.18 which
> is source for the kernel currently being used on that box. 
> Can I use either the 2.4.19 source or the 2.4.20 source instead (both of
> which are available in testing) and do a recompile? Or will these not work 
> properly with Woody?
> Sam

They will work just fine.  I simply downloaded the 2.4.20 source from 
the Debian website, configured, and compiled.  BTW, I had never compiled a
before and did not find it to be too difficult.  It took me a couple of trys
becuase I did not understand what each and every option meant, but it wasn't
anything that reading a good newbie oriented HOWTO couldn't cure.

-Roberto Sanchez

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