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Re: secure kernel

On Tue, Jun 10, 2003 at 07:54:44PM +0200, Shamot wrote:
| yes...I have downloaded the kernel as I wrote.
|  kernel-image-2.4.18-bf2.4
| so, this one is secure ?

For one thing, look at the date it was compiled.  Is it before or
after the DSA (Debian Security Announcement)?  If it was built before
the defects were discovered and corrected, then it can't possibly
contain the corrections :-).

It isn't the kernel you want.  You want 'kernel-image-2.4.18-1-386'
(as recommended by the DSA).  Find it at


Folly delights a man who lacks judgement,
but a man of understanding keeps a straight course.
        Proverbs 15:21

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