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re: Installing Debian from Red Hat (without a CD or floppy drive)

When we last left our hero, he was trying to install Debian onto a machine
with no floppy or CD drive, but with a working Red Hat installtion....

Thanks to this list, I was able to get good instructions on how to do
a cross-install using a chroot jail.  I tried them, and things went
well, up to the point were I actually tried to boot into the new Debian

When I tried to boot, the only thing that happened was the computer
beeped at me and then rebooted.  Obviously, something went wrong, but
I don't know what.

I was using GRUB as the bootloader, and I pointed it at the /boot
directory on the Debian partition.  It seemed to locate the kernel I
specified correctly.  (Specifying it wrong gave me a different error.)

I'm also using a mini-itx motherboard, if that makes a difference.

Can anyone give me an idea of what went wrong?

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