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Re: Balky Netgear FA311 ethernet card

Sorry, I was out of town last week.  Responses below.

Rick <rickpd@attglobal.net> writes:

> Should the FA311 card be listed in early part of the kernel
> messages?

I see the message about the card pretty soon after the SCSI disks are
identified.  Here is the relevant section from my kern.log:

Jun  7 19:48:36 localhost kernel: natsemi.c:v1.07 1/9/2001  Written by Donald Becker <becker@sc
Jun  7 19:48:36 localhost kernel:   http://www.scyld.com/network/natsemi.html
Jun  7 19:48:36 localhost kernel:   The PCI BIOS has not enabled the device at 0/128!  Updating
 PCI command 0203->0207.
Jun  7 19:48:36 localhost kernel: eth1: NatSemi DP83815 at 0xcc85a000, 00:02:e3:14:d4:5b, IRQ 1
Jun  7 19:48:36 localhost kernel: eth1: Transceiver status 0x7869 advertising 0000.

I am sorry to say that I don't know what the last several lines mean.

> Brian, is pci-scan.o on your system?  It was not on mine, and I had
> to compile it from the sources.

Neither pci-scan nor natsemi were on my system.  I got the source RPM
from somewhere (probably www.scyld.com) and unpacked it in
/usr/src/RPM.  I built everything and copied pci-scan.o and natsemi.o
into /lib/modules.  Then I made links to those two files in the
appropriate directories:

bxf4@c119756-b:$ ls -l /lib/modules/2.2.19/net/
total 4
-rw-r--r--    1 root     root         2452 Dec  6  2001 dummy.o
lrwxrwxrwx    1 root     root           22 Dec  6  2001 natsemi.o -> /lib/modules/natsemi.o
lrwxrwxrwx    1 root     root           23 Dec  6  2001 pci-scan.o -> /lib/modules/pci-scan.o

> Also Brian, where did you find out about ifup and
> /etc/network/interfaces?  None of the Linux networking references I
> have even mention it.

I am not completely sure, but I probably saw some reference to the
interfaces file on some debian list.  man interfaces has a thorough
description of the contents of the file, and I recall reading it.

> The output of lspci is:
> 00:14.0 Ethernet controller: National Semiconductor Corporation
> DP83815 (MacPhyter) Ethernet Controller

Mine is identical.

> modprobe -v natsemi results in no response.

Neither do I.

> Excerpts from dmesg:

> natsemi.c:v1.07 1/9/2001  Written by Donald Becker <becker@scyld.com>
>   http://www.scyld.com/network/natsemi.html
>   (unofficial 2.4.x kernel port, version 1.07+LK1.0.14, Nov 27, 2001
> Jeff Garzik, Tjeerd Mulder)
> eth0: NatSemi DP8381[56] at 0xc482a000, 00:40:f4:52:0f:24, IRQ 9.
> eth0: Transceiver status 0x7849 advertising 0x5e1.
> eth0: autonegotiation did not complete in 4000 usec.

Could this be a kernel issue?  I am running 2.2, not 2.4?


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