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XFree86 in sid/sarge is broken, won't start ?dm

Hi all,
Yes, XFree86 is broken. If you use ?dm, it won't start. If you've been
bitten by this bug, you have three options:
a) downgrade xserver-xfree86 to 4.2.1-6
b) downgrade xlibs to 4.2.1-6
c) tough it out

If you choose option c, you'll have to stop your ?dm of choice, remove
the .Xauthority file, and run 'startx'. Ensure you have either a valid
.xsession/.xinitrc, or none at all.

There are several bugs reported on this (e.g. #196554), PLEASE do not
report any more! The problem lies with gcc3.3 producing broken code at
high optimization levels (sigh, gcc3.3), and we hope to have it fixed in
the next XFree86 release, whether that be 4.2.1-8, or 4.3.0-1. Please do
not ask us when it will be ready; we don't know.

:) d

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