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Re: NIS and Samba - can't authenticate Windows 98 clients


You need to be more specific about how things are set up, specifically
the Samba security level (share, user, domain, etc.).  Generally
speaking, Samba and NIS don't really go together.  Samba, in most
setups (there are many possibilities), authenticates its users against
the smbpasswd file.  This is a separate password database from
/etc/passwd, though samba can be configured to keep them in sync.  It
will not read NIS for passwords at all, though.  At best, Samba could
use NIS for uid/gid mapping, but that's about it.

Clive Menzies <clive@clivemenzies.co.uk> wrote:

> The problem arises when booting the same client into windows98 - it
> doesn't seem to find the NIS server to validate the user. 

What do you mean by "validate the user"?  Are you using "Windows Family
Logon" or "Client for Microsoft Networks"?  Can the 98 machine browse
the network?  Or just not access the share?  How many machines are
running NFS? Samba?  Any log messages on the Samba machine?  Details,


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