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Re: Remotly changing emil users passwords

On Tue, Jun 03, 2003 at 03:29:33PM +1000, Ivan Wills wrote:
> Hi
> I am setting up a Debian system (Woody) as primarily as mail server (exim).
> Is there a way I can allow users to remotly change their passwords with 
> out using ssh (or any other shell)
> I world also like the majority of users, not to be able to login through 
> a terminal (I don't trust their passwords and I
> cannot enforce strong passwords, particularly for the CEO)
> Any suggestions on how to acheive this?

How about setting their shell in /etc/passwd to be /usr/bin/passwd?
That way the only thing they can do when logging in is to change their
password.  You'd probably have to add /usr/bin/passwd to /etc/shells for
this to work...

- Chris

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