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Re: Ethernet lockup

On 3 Jun 2003 David List <david@davidlist.dk> wrote:

> I have noticed a thread on this list around a week ago that dealt with the
> ethernet lockup with the Linux hme driver.

> There was a posting by Joshua Uziel that pointed to a patch to this
> driver. I'm new to Debian so my question may seem strange to some here,
> but I cannot see how to use this patch since the 2.4.18 kernel that comes
> with my 3.0_r1 installation seems to be monolithic, and vanilla kernel
> source does not build on my system.

My understanding is that you need to compile a new, modular kernel, to be
able to use a patched version of a certain ethernet card driver module. Ok.
But what exactly do you mean by "vanilla kernel source does not build on my
system"? Isn't there only one kernel source for any combination of
architecture and version number? You cannot compile kernels at all?

Please clarify.



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