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Re: Problems upgrading from potato to woody

> First question: can I force the configure stage of mc ('Setting up 
> mc-common (4.5.55-1.2)') to run again, so that I can get the new file?

do u want this ... dpkg-reconfigure mc

> I have never got this to work before, but I had hoped it would this 
> time, plus I thought it would be nice if debconf could keep track of 
> this stuff. Unfortunately, as usual for me, now X doesn't work any more.

try xf86config

> Second question: I want to give it a few more tries, how can I force the 
> configure stage to run again? I guess it's the 'Setting up 
> xserver-mach64 (3.3.6-44)' that I want to restart.

dpkg-reconfigure xserver....

> Third question: Is woody still using X version 3.x? One of the reasons I 
> decided to go over to woody was to get version 4 of X, but the above 
> makes me think it is still version 3.3.6.

woody has both X 3.x and X 4.x


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