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ergonomic laptop keyboard?

hello geeks,

i'm about to begin work at a new job.  the shop is really chill, to
such a degree that everyone hangs out on couches and beanbag chairs
and works on laptops.  this is awesome, but for one factor -- i can't
type on a laptop for longer than about 20 minutes without severe wrist
pain.  this isn't usually a problem, as i have a desktop system at
home and in the lab where i've been, and work on ergonomic keyboards
(e.g., the Micro$oft Natural).

what would be ideal for me i don't think exists yet, and google isn't
helping.  I would love to see a normal laptop, but with a keyboard
whose two halves could pop up in the middle, and then rotate inwards
to whatever degree the user wanted, kind of like [1], except built
into a laptop, and without the numerical keypad, obviously.

does such a thing exist?  if not, could i build one myself somehow?
how can i get whoever makes laptops to design one?  could i patent it?
(heh heh ...)  whatever; i just want a laptop that I can type on ...

any tips would be appreciated.


[1] http://www.maenad.net/geek/split_keyboard.jpg

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