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Modprobe errors after second kernel compile.

I upgraded to kernel 2.4.19 to allow me to add the i810 framebuffer patch.
everything went fine except I had missed the generic-scsi support
and so my cdrw didn't work. I turned this option on and recompiled. This
time when I went to install the resulting .deb I received a warning
about installing the same revision of kernel (I did change the -rev on the
kpkg command) and modules.dep could be wrong but this would be sorted on a
However now when I boot up I get a handful of modprobe errors for things
that are working just fine (sound, usb mass storage and the like). The
system is 
working fine but I hate these errors. What did I do wrong, and how can I
resolve it?

I'm using Woody with 2.4.19 kernel

PS. Sorry for the disclaimer. This is added by our mail server. I am looking
to change my subscription to use my home email.

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