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Hi all...

After messages about "error" messages like

hdc: drive_cmd: status=0x51 { DriveReady SeekComplete Error }
hdc: drive_cmd: error=0x04 { DriveStatusError }

showing up in syslog got rather common over the last months and I had one of 
those today, here's something I found about it:


Basically, error 0x04 is a warning that the drive was confused by a command it 
didn't understand. Some more digging brought advice that might or might not 
help. The main tenor is that you should try fiddling with the DMA mode used 
or change some settings in your boot loader (which sadly weren't listed 
anywhere I found).

One thing from personal experience: If you're running smartd, be sure that 
SMART support is turned on on the disk.

If you're facing other errors, you might still be in trouble but perhaps 
fiddling with the settings will help.

Got Backup?

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