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Xfree86 4.2.1-6

The testing distro has really been coming along lately, what with perl
5.8 and mysql 4 running smack dab into my reality.  I like almost all
of it except for this:

I had my workstation running on testing with whatever version of xfree86
was in place before.  Then, I went into dselect to install some library
package or other, and got XFree86 4.2.1-6 installed along with my dev

Well, let's just say the consequences were severe.  After thrashing for
15 hours my workstation is almost back to working.  What's left to fix:

   - the desktop guide won't show more than one desktop (I usually
     use 8).

   - clicking on "Add this launcher to panel" when I right click on
     a menu item doesn't put that launcher on the panel.

Unless I'm mistaken, these are Gnome issues.  How would one go about
fixing this stuff.  I'm not a total newb, I just don't configure
Gnome every day ...

Christopher L. Everett
Chief Technology Officer
The Medical Banner Exchange
Physicians Employment on the Internet

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