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Re: ssh or VPN

Vivek Kumar wrote:

Hi all,

We are trying to give either vpn or ssh access to all the remote users..
I am more comfortable with ssh but others say VPN so one quick question
which one is more secure or better - VPN or ssh ?

Thanks in advance for your comments and help.


VPN and SSH are not really made for the same purpose.

VPN is used to encrypt all traffic between a lan and  pc or lan<->lan or
pc<->pc. If you have a VPN you can check your mail on the company's
mailserver using a plain-text protocol. All data will be encypted before
it's leaving your computer and it's decrypted before it is passed onto
the mail-daemon. Now it's impossible to sniff your the traffic you sended.

SSH is way of getting a prompt on a remote machine. It's the same as
telnet but encrypted. Although you can create encrypted tunnels between
two hosts with ssh, it's easier to do it with VPN.


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