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Re: Constant sync between two nodes?

On Mon, 2003-06-02 at 03:19, Mailinglists at Soderlund.Org wrote:
> Hi all,
> setting up another machine as a backup to my private mailserver. I would 
> like to have a constant sync (preferably increments) of directories and 
> files that I choose between the two, using the LAN between them.
> They are both on a private NAT:ed DMZ so there are no worries for r-daemons 
> and alike.
> Anyone done this? What software/solution are to recommend?

One option you can try is a custom fam client which "watches"
directories for change and then uses rsync to update the remote server.
I had started on a python app to do just that, but because of the large
number of files I needed to monitor, found that fam wasn't up to the
task, if your needs are smallish - only a couple thousand files, then
something like that might work for you, you can also try using the
dnotify package and a simple bash script.

The real holy grail sort of solution is a combination of drbd and
opengfs, unfortunately integration of those two systems, while planned,
is not yet implemented. If a failover sort of setup will work for you,
you can use drbd with heartbeat to give you automated failover and


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