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Re: Compile options for standard debian kernel?

Neal Lippman wrote:
Is there a way to find out the config options that were used for
compiling the standard 2.4.19 kernel that comes with stable or testing?

I need to compile a new kernel as the stock kernel does not seem to have
the udf file system support enabled, but it would be handy to know what
was compiled in the distributed kernel vs modules, etc, so that I don't
mess up my system configuration when I configure the new kernel.


If you installed your current 2.4.19 kernel from a Debian "kernel-image" deb, then you will have a copy of the ".config" file used to create it in your /boot/ directory. It will probably be named something like: "config-2.4.19-k7".

BTW, here is what my 2.4.19-k7 kernel config file says about UDF:

# CONFIG_UDF_RW is not set

Looks like it is already setup as a loadable module for read-only support. You might try modconf and see it it is listed there... it is listed on my system. If it is, try loading it and see what happens. It might save you the trouble of a re-compile...

-Don Spoon-

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