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Re: apt-get question

Ferenc Engard wrote:

Hi all,

Can I (permanently) overdrive the dependency settings of a package?
I.e., I want to disable a 'conflicts' dependency which is not a conflict
to me, anyway, I have installed the package in question with "dpkg -i
--force-conflicts", and works great.

But, in this state apt-get do not work because it detects this conflict
and says "E: Unmet dependencies. Try using -f." I want apt-get to think
that there is no conflict at all.

Is there a solution to this?

You can make a dummy package with equivs that fixes the dependency problems.

Info about equivs
This is a dummy package which can be used to create Debian
packages, which only contain dependency information.

This way, you can make the Debian package management
system believe that equivalents to packages on which other
packages do depend on are actually installed.

Another possibility is creation of a meta package. When this
package contains a dependency as "Depends: a, b, c", then
installing this package will also select packages a, b and c.
Instead of "Depends", you can also use "Recommends:" or
"Suggests:" for less demanding dependency.

Please note that this is a crude hack and if thoughtlessly used
might possibly do damage to your packaging system. And please
note as well that using it is not the recommended way of dealing
with broken dependencies. Better file a bug report instead.


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