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Re: Lost user access to dos partition

On Sunday 01 June 2003 15:30, Jan Willem Stumpel wrote:
> The following used to work before changing to testing:
> [as user]
> cd /dosd
> In which /dosd is an ms-dos partition (containing my mp3's).
> /etc/fstab says:
> /dev/hda5  /dosd   vfat defaults,user,rw        0      1
> But after the upgrade I get
> jws@spica:~$ cd /dosd
> -bash: cd: /dosd: Permission denied

Standard permissions have changed. You'll have to set the umask parameter. 

 /dev/hda5  /dosd   vfat defaults,user,rw,umask=022        0      1

This should restore the behaviour you want. See the manpage of mount for 
further details. Note that you give the permissions you wnat files in the 
mounted filesystem NOT to have.

And could someone please backport fmask/dmask support from the 2.5.x kernels? 

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