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Gnome 2.2 panel config


I recently upgraded to sid, and of course, got gnome 2.2.  Looks quite
nice, but I can't get the panel to do quite what I want.

In Gnome 1.4 I had a really broad, auto-hide panel on the top-right hand
side of my screen, which had the desktop switcher and a tasklist.  I
liked to have it really wide, so that I could see the full name of the
app running.

In Gnome 2.2, it is almost right.  Top-right, auto-hide, desktop-swither
and tasklist.  But I can't get it to be arbitrarily wide (X-large is
just not wide enough), and I can't seem to get it to be always on-top
either.  I.o.w., I have to hover over the panel, then click to raise.

Any ideas how I can fix this?

I'm running the sawfish window manager.

Neilen <brick@adept.co.za>

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