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Re: Mozilla fonts

On Sat, May 17, 2003 at 09:48:12AM -0400, Joseph Barillari wrote:
> >>>>> "V" == Vittorio  <vdemart@supereva.it> writes:
>     V> Context: Debian testing + gnome 1.4 + Mozilla (coming with testing)
>     V> wit no special setting at all.
>     V> How can I improve the aspect of fonts in Mozilla whit respect to MS
>     V> Explorer?
>     V> I mean that in many sites the fonts in M$ Internet Explorer seems to
>     V> be somewhat clearer, neater. sharper than in Mozilla. Perhaps I need
>     V> to set something.
>     V> Any hint?
> Have you installed the msttcorefonts package? --Joe

That will give you better looking fonts, but not better rendering.  Xft2
rendering in Sid (courtesy of mozilla-xft) is *amazingly* perty.  I'm
pretty sure it's been backported to testing, too, if you can't be
bothered to do it yourself.  Try http://www.apt-get.org/.

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