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Re: Write in NTFS filesystem

On Wed, 21 May 2003, Thomas Elsen wrote:
> ### From the kernel configuration help file
> NTFS write support (DANGEROUS)
> If you say Y here, you will (maybe) be able to write to NTFS file
> systems as well as read from them. The read-write support in NTFS
> is far from being complete and is not well tested. If you say Y
> here, back up your NTFS volume first, since it will probably get
> damaged. Also, download the Linux-NTFS project distribution from
> Sourceforge at <http://linux-ntfs.sf.net/> and always run the
> included ntfsfix utility after writing to an NTFS partition from
> Linux to fix some of the damage done by the driver. You should run
> ntfsfix _after_ unmounting the partition in Linux but _before_
> rebooting into Windows. When Windows next boots, chkdsk will be
> run automatically to fix the remaining damage.
> Please note that write support is limited to Windows NT4 and
> earlier versions.
Odd, I remember the magical Windows password changer floppy 
(which was linux-based) mounting 2K and XP NTFS volumes as read-write 
to do its dirty work.

If would mark the volumes as dirty so that chkdsk would be run at 
Windows boot, but otherwise, it worked great.

The original poster didn't say what he was trying to do, but I 
recall a peice of software I have on one machine that will allow 
windows to write to an ext2/3 drive.

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