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Re: Lightweight file viewer?

At 2003-05-21T03:06:17Z, Rick Pasotto <rick@niof.net> writes:

> He said *lightweight* and view *only*. 'less' fails on both counts.

First count:

    $ ls -la /usr/bin/less
    -rwxr-xr-x    1 root     root        95404 Mar  2 15:50 /usr/bin/less

Second count:

    From less(1):
           When the environment variable LESSSECURE is set to 1, less runs in a
           "secure" mode.  This means these features are disabled:

                  !      the shell command

                  |      the pipe command

                  :e     the examine command.

                  v      the editing command

                  s  -o  log files

                  -k     use of lesskey files

                  -t     use of tags files

                         metacharacters in filenames, such as *

                         filename completion (TAB, ^L)

           Less can also be compiled to be permanently in "secure" mode.

Tell me again how that fails on either count?
Kirk Strauser

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