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howto detect a parallel iomega 100 mb device

Hello everybody,

I've got the following question: In order to move
large files (like programs) to the laptop of my
brother Sebastian, I need it to be able to mount
iomega zip disks. (The laptop can't be connected to
the internet: it doesn't have an ethernet card, and
Sebastian needs his money for other stuff)

The device is a parallel iomega 100 mb device which is
attached to the printer port.
I did a little search and found the following

I tried the following without success:

  modprobe imm
  modprobe ppa
  modprobe vfat

  mount /mnt/zip100.0
mount: the kernel does not recognize /dev/sda4 as a
block device (maybe `insmod driver'?)

The warning of mount suggesting insmod isn't really
helping me :

  insmod imm
insmod: imm: no module by that name found

In modconf, under block devices, is the only thing
that shows up "nbd", for "Network block device

The laptop has a 2.2.20 kernel.
Can anybody help please?



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