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I got my printer working! canon bj-200 using LPRng, magicfilter and gs

I just wanted to post a followup on my previous posts. I got my printer up and running
using lprng, magicfilter, and gs. My W2K PC can also print via samba "right out of the box", but it can't obtain a status
or print queue. (it says "access denied", which had led me to believe the printer could not be 
printed to when in fact it can)

here is my server /etc/printcap:

lp|canonbj200|Cannon BJ-200:\

and here is my client /etc/printcap:

lp|canonbj200|Canon BJ-200:\

I just want to point out that I did not have to manually 
change group, owner, nor any permnissions on any files or directories.
So, all those postings I read today that said I had to do it, well.. I did not.

magicfilter truely is magic!  :-)

the printer howto's are not newbie friendly.

and I am calling it a night.

Good night Debian users!


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