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Re: Window Maker and KDE

James Bemis said:
> Just installed  debian and KDE, first experience with Linux.  Had video
> problem using KDE, though (only 640x400), and started over with a new
> motherboard.
> This is a re-mailing for users who do not accept mail from aol.com
> because of spam!
> Question: smartx-wmaker allows easy installation of new packages.  Can I
> use wmaker Window Manager for one user, and KDE for another user?  Would
> one want to do that? How would I install packages using KDE?
> Sorry for dumb questions, but can't find answers browsing, and no one to
> ask.

the window manager/desktop enviornment isn't at all related to screen
resolution. you can configure different window managers for each user or
use a display manager such as GDM or KDM which allows the user to choose
which enviornment they wish to use when they login. As for installing packages
not sure, I use the command line tools for that, haven't used a graphical
tool in a while though there are some I'm sure, kpackage was the one I
used a few years ago, but didn't tie into apt-get at the time. there's
a few newer ones, but their names escape me at the moment.

Haven't used smartx-wmaker myself, never heard of it, am an afterstep
user. though windowmaker is quite similar to afterstep on the surface.


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