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gdm/gnome and PATH setting

Good day.

Where I work we have this convoluted CSH setup where the .cshrc
sources another file to set aliases and PATH and MANPATH and so
on and so on.  It works fine albeit convoluted.

However, under gdm/gnome (IE, gnome started from gdm login panel)
my PATH isn't set to what I expect.  When I logon *OUTSIDE* of
gdm (via telnet/rsh/ssh or Ctrl-Alt-F1) I get the PATH I expect.
But when I logon via gdm, my PATH is set to

I get other env variables and aliases set so I know that
somewhere along the line my external file was sourced from my
.cshrc.  But it appears that gnome resets my PATH for me.

Additional background: I'm running Woody but see the same
behavior in RedHat 8.0.  Also, I tried commenting out the
DefaultPath variable in /etc/gdm/gdm.conf but all that did was
change my PATH from the value of DefaultPath to the
aforementioned PATH.

Does anyone know what to do to correct this?


- Bill
Bill Benedetto     <bbenedetto@goodyear.com>    The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.
I don't speak for Goodyear and they don't speak for me.  We're both happy.

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