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woody pcmcia help

I am trying to install woody on a toshiba 480cdt satellite pro laptop with
a 3com pcmcia 10/100/56k pcmcia card.

The install cd and first boot goes fine (I installed via ftp), but when I
reboot again, I get a bunch of garbage then this:

code: 89 01 8b 0a 85 c9 74 08 8b 42 04 89 41 04 eb 06 8b 42 04 89
Aiee, killing interrupt handler
kernel panic: Attempted to kill idle task!
In interrupt handler - not syncing

I have booted to single user, and ran all of the /etc/rc2.d/ files (as
suggested by debian-user archive)... sure enough it failes on the pcmcia

What is going wrong here?  How can I fix it?

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.



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