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Re: Newbie X Problem - get small 1/2 screen instead of full screen on monitor.

On Fri, May 02, 2003 at 02:20:58PM -0600, John Kennedy wrote:

> >>The box is an old 200 mhz Compac DeskPro with a
> >>Diamond Stealth 64 Video - S3 Vision 968 VRAM video card[4 meg V-RAM]
> >>and a
> >>CTX VL-700 monitor [ I searched for Specs but got conflicting info]
> >>Horiz= 30-70  Vert-50-160 seems to work but....
> >>
> >>The problem is
> >>when /I log in to the box with X Windows
> >>the useable screen is physically one half
> >>of the monitor's actual vertical screen height...
> >>and
> >>/I apparently am seeing only the 'extreme lower left part of the desktop 
> >>image'
> >
> >
> >Which X server are you using. I install X on old PC with wiht Diamond
> >Stealth 64 card. I had to install xserver-s3_3.3.6 to get X to work
> >properly. The chip on video card is not supported with X 4.1.
> >
> >You may need to add or tweak Mode lines in XF86Config to correct the
> >display. Can you get the monitor to display properly using xvidtune?
> I haven't done this yet but will experiment.
> >You could also check /var/log/XFree86.0.log, .xsession-errors,
> >.gnome-errors, etc. to see if you have any error messages.
> Will do

Hi John,

Please reply to list in future. More people with more experience will
see your messages, you will have better chance of getting good advice,
and the messages will get into list archive for others to use.

> The confusion I am having is...
> a.  I have X windows up and running,  it appears to me that
>      I just need to get the screen size set correctly and
>      I'd be ok...  I can only see a small lower left portion of
>      the screen image but it is perfect.
>     So I'm wondering if I should primarily persue editing the
>     x86 confid-4 file and expirement?

If you think X is working in somewhat usable fashion, You should
probably try reconfiguring the server to get it to work better. Check
/var/log/XFree86.0.log to see what is reported about the video card
and S3 chipset.

When I installed on the PC with the Stealth card (which looks like an
earlier version than yours), X4.1 was pretty much broken. The screen
was uncenter as in your case, and the mouse didn't operate properly. I
checked X documentation for video chip support, didn't see it in 4.1,
saw it in 3.3.6, got X4.1 to work somewhat better with VESA driver,
decided somewhat wasn't good enough, and then installed 3.3.6 S3
server (SVGA server will also work with card). From start to finish, I
spent maybe an hour and a half getting X up and running and then maybe
another half hour using xvidtune to tweak mode lines to optimize the
display on the monitor.

You can always install both servers and decide later which one works

> If my version of Xfree doesn't support my card... whould I even
> get the result I see ?

Yes, if video chip isn't listed as supported, you could get it to work with
one of the generic drivers line VESA. 

You could try "xfree86 -configure" to configure server. See "man
xfree86" for details. 


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