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Re: Iptables logging to console-- help! [RANT WARNING]

On Fri, May 02, 2003 at 03:02:13PM -0400, Soren Andersen wrote:

> What would have made sense to me is to have netfilter come with
> documentation that makes it hard to miss the news about how to send
> the LOG chatter away from the console. And to offer to modify the
> right file so that this happens at install / configuration time.
> Instead, the default is that appropriate to a hyper-knowledgeable
> career sysadmin -- and I get it, many users here and everywhere, of
> Debian, ARE sysadmins overseeing systems serving 10s or 100s of users
> -- and this default is to leave netfilter in "show me everything" mode
> with the presumption that the admin will already know how to turn that
> off when s/he's finished testing the setup.

Well, if you feel the installation should do something it's not, file a
bug report.

> These kinds of presumptions and defaults are found in myriad software
> packaged for Debian. It's just that sometimes I install a package and
> see that "this g(uy|al) did it just right". There's a sensitivity to
> what defaults will make sense to average users that some packages (and
> their packagers)  _have_, and some lack. Seeing it done well and
> thoughtfully, with extra care to polishing the piece, makes me notice
> the lack in all the others.

The polish is gained, in at least some cases, through user feedback and
the filing of bug reports.

Jamin W. Collins

This is the typical unix way of doing things: you string together lots
of very specific tools to accomplish larger tasks. -- Vineet Kumar

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