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Re: galeon mail handler

Allan Wind wrote:
> [URL Handlers]
> mailto-show=x-terminal-emulator -e mutt "%s"
> Not sure where that should take effect, but it did NOT work for galeon
> when I tried it.  The earlier procedure did, however.

I think the one galeon uses is /apps/galeon/Handlers/Programs (in
gconf). But I have basically the same command in there, and it does make
galeon start mutt, but unfortunatly, the %s does not seem to make it
pass an email address to mutt. This is with the gnome 2 version of

> > Gnome, as usual, fails to document this file (GNOME's abuse of manpages,
> > or more accurately, utter disdain for them, is a severe black mark on
> > the system).
> Take a few hours to write one.  I am sure it would be appreciated.

Hah, they don't even document half the keys in gconf; so I doubt it.

see shy jo

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