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Upgraded my box, and suddenly my fonts have changed


Just updated my mostly-sarge-with-some-sid box.  Last time was
~7 days ago.

XFree and related fonts are all sarge-based, so they were all
upgraded from 4.2.1-3 to -6.  From what I can see, no GNOME packages
(which are sid on my box) have been updated, and only a couple of
gtk packages.

Now, the fonts in Evo, GQview (a gtk app), XCDRoast, OpenOffice 1.0.3
(binaries from OO.org, not .debs), gnome-terminal are all *much*
larger, and in Mozilla the fonts are sometimes *tiny* and sometimes
have changed to a different family.

What happened, and how do I put it all back like it was????

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