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Re: GFDL Freeness Question

Is there another license that also suits your needs and meets the Debian
requirement?  If so, consider releasing undere a dual license.  From what I
have heard that has worked out in the past.  Just an idea.

Thank you for your suggestion.

My understanding is that the GFDL actually does meet the Debian requirements if there are no invariant sections. But I'm not so clear on cover texts. The reason Debian wouldn't want invariant sections is that it keeps material from being updated or deleted if it becomes obsolete - but an important reason for providing them is that they allow an author to express a written opinion, and to require that copies remain faithful to his original intention.

My reason for requiring the back-cover text is that if anyone should come across a copy of my articles anywhere else (whether printed or in electronic form) they would know where to look for the originals or for more articles like that. I know I could put that in the body of the articles themselves but if I didn't use an invariant section there would be no way to ensure the notice was preserved. I preferred to use a back-cover text because I think my project should get credit on the jackets of any printed books that might include it.

Given my feelings on that, I don't see how any other license would really make a difference.

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