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Re: Fonts problem

Piers Kittel(edinfo-list@biased.org) is reported to have said:
> Hello all
> Quite new to Linux - have only started using Linux full time a month or 
> two ago.  Although recently I've come across a problem I can't really 
> solve.  I've changed my apt-get lists to testing, and so do an apt-get 
> update and then apt-get upgrade.  When I did that a couple days ago, the 
> system fonts has gone a little werid - Mozilla, Phoenix and Emacs's main 
> fonts has gone all small and thin - when I say main fonts, I mean the 
> menu/button texts, such as "File", "Edit" etc, although in the main 
> areas of the program (such as email for Mozilla, I refer to the message 
> body), fonts are unchanged.  Other programs are unaffected.
> Anyway, I'd like to change the fonts back to normal, but I'm quite 
> unsure how to do this, how?

Don't know if this is your problem but I had much the same problem
this AM after the dist-apgrade I did yesterday.  Small fonts, mouse
operation was unusable. I checked /etc/X11 for XF86Config-4 files and
found that my old (working) one had been replaced.  I copied the saved
one, /etc/X11/XF86Config-4-backup, to /etc/X11/XF86Config-4, modified
it to the new settings in the downloaded version and X returned to normal.

:-) HTH, YMMV, HAND :-)

Alpha. Software undergoes alpha testing as a first step in getting
user feedback. Alpha is Latin for "doesn't work."

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