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MRTG indexmaker broken in stable?


I'm setting up MRTG to graph certain things, using SNMP but when I try
to run indexmaker on multiple .cfg files I've created with cfgmaker it
breaks with the following message:

Can't locate package $VERSION for @MRTG_lib::ISA at (eval 6) line 1.

If I run indexmaker with one cfg file, i.e. "indexmaker
--output=index.html localhost.cfg" it works fine, where as "indexmaker
--output=index.html localhost.cfg machine1.cfg machine2.cfg" gives the
said error message.

On a side note:
I've written a small shell script that's run by cron that'll run MRTG on
all my cfg's and then run indexmaker for them. I've done this so I don't
need multiple entries in crontab for the cfg's and also, I can just
stick another cfg in /etc/mrtg and then when cron runs this script,
it'll do everything for me.
Here is the script, in case anyone would like it:
[--start quote--]

for CFG in `ls /etc/mrtg/*.cfg`
        /usr/bin/mrtg $CFG
        CFGS=$CFG" "$CFGS

indexmaker --output=index.html $CFGS
[--end quote--]

I'm running 3.0/Stable too and am up to date with the latest packages
for the stable branch, including security patches.

Thanks and regards,
 .''`.     David Ramsden <david@hexstream.eu.org>
: :'  :    http://portal.hexstream.eu.org/
`. `'`     PGP key ID: 507B379B on wwwkeys.pgp.net
  `-  Debian - when you have better things to do than to fix a system.

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