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fstab setting to user VFAT partition

Maybe my ideal situation isn't possible, but I'd like to hear some options if

I have a partition that is shared between MSWinXP and Debian (3.0r1 -
2.4.18kernel).  Currently, I cannot change owner or groups on any files in the
partition.  I've tried different mounting schemes, but none seems to solve my
problem.  Here is what it is currently set to:

/dev/hda8	/home	vfat	suid,uid=1000,gid=100	0	2

I have it set the uid and gid, becuase otherwise my user cannot write to the
disk at all.  Even root, however, cannot do a chown or chgrp on anything there.

Is there a way to formulate the options to achieve what I'm shooting for?

If not, is there another option?  For example, is there a different fs format I
could use for the partition so that it will be usable by both OSes?


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