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RE: modversions.h


>I have a look around and cant seem to find an answer to this wee problem.
>I'm trying to compile the Alsa drivers, ran into a few problems, got the
>kernel image (2.2.19) uncompressed it and put it in /usr/src/ sym-linked to
>it, copied a couple of files about (version.h) and everything seemed to be
>fine, but when I go to make, it complains about not finding modversions.h.
>I've searched but all the responses seem to claim that modversions.h is
>of the kernel-source and I should be able to find/point to it.

I believe modversions.h is in the kernel headers not source, so "apt-get
install kernel-headers-(mykernel-version-here)" should do the trick.



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