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Re: rescue a partition...ok, im freakin out a little

 --- karrottop <karrottop@fuse.net> escribió: > Ok, I was trying to format some
of the unused disk space on my /dev/hdd
> drive.  and it did not seem to work, so I got worried that I did
> something wrong.  I then went back to my console and navigated to my
> /mnt/hdd1 and it seemed fine.  So, I rebooted because I could not figure
> out how to do it and was going to head into my windows partition and
> just format it there.  but I noticed that it told me that I had 70
> something unused mb, thats not good, I should have had a vfat parition
> on there.  So I booted back to linux and found that I in fact screwed
> something up dearly.  Now, knowing that there was no massive disk write
> I am sure that this can be fixed, or at least I sure hope, but I am
> extremely nervous because I have no idea how to fix it.  Thanks, and I
> reallllly look forward to your replies


I have succesfully use GNU parted to restore deleted partitions on two
computers.  You can download the boot disk and root disk images from the site
and write them to floppies, or if you have a spare Knoppix CD it is probably on
there too.  I am not sure, but the Woody install CD may have a rescue mode as
well (you pass it in is a boot parameter and then you go to a shell where you
can start messing around).

-Roberto Sanchez

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