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Re: Favorite anti-spam tool ( oddball )

hi ya hall

On Tue, 29 Apr 2003, Hall Stevenson wrote:

> So, what's the favorites of users here for anti-spam tools ?? Is
> spamassassin the current choice of most people here ??

i use a properly config'd  sendmail.cf 
	- nothing (so spam) in my mailbox or disks
	- i do not want to go look for false positives

- one of my accts gets 1,000 spams a day .. and maybe 1 spam gets thru
  and but all of the other 999 are spams, no false positives
	- disallowing html-based emails is one of the rules
	though not suitable for all

	- and add your friends to the "whitelist"

- problem with filtering the mailbox...
	- the spammer already spammed you and validated your email addy
	and will be adding you to more lists

more antispam stuff
	-- monty python stuff too ... 

more spam filter stuff

c ya

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