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escaping, bash

hugh@nomessin:~$ scp hugh@wacka.mjr.org:~/grant\ letter.doc ~/
hugh@mjr.org's password:
scp: /home/hugh/grant: No such file or directory
scp: letter.doc: No such file or directory

hugh@wacka:~$ du -h grant\ letter.doc
48k     grant letter.doc

so its obvious what went wrong -i only mean to request one file. 
How do specify the file correctly?

[for now i shall rename it then copy it but would be good to know for
future reference]


Hugh Saunders [GCv3.12] GCS d- s: a--- C+++ UL++>$ P+ L+++ E--- W-- N++
K- w-- M- V? PS-- Y PGP- t-- !5 X- R- tv-() b- DI+ D- G++ e- h++ r z?

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