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webserver on dhcp

Christian Smith via RT wrote:

[elin16@nyc.rr.com - Wed Apr  9 04:09:09 2003]:

Username:   fsshl
IP Address:

Support Query:
I add host, registered it as linuxpc.dyndns.org, so I type
www.linuxspc.dyndns.org  in my mozilla
but it response not found

Eric, if you want www.linuxspc.dyndns.org to work in addition to
just linuxspc.dyndns.org, you need to turn on the "Enable
Wildcards" option for this host.

Dear support of dyndns.org or advanced linux webmaster on dynamic ip:

now I modify my dsl-modem setting, so if I type www.linuxspc.dyndns.org in my url of mozilla, it can show as well as external assigned ip but if I go out side or using portscan.com's http header check, it still not work, (tcp error)

what else should I improve? (or it is because my isp blocking something? and how to get around it?)

highly appreciate any advice
sincere eric

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