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Re: Query: what's best low-profile WWW gui-UA for Debian?

said Jamin W. Collins (on 2003-04-22),

> On Tue, Apr 22, 2003 at 02:55:57PM -0400, Soren Andersen wrote:
> > I have thus far been using lynx for visiting HTML data. I'd like to
> > move to a graphical browser. I seek input, insight, well-formed
> > informed opinions about which graphical WWW ua package to install or
> Full Featured:
> - Firebird (aka Phoenix)
> Lacking Some Features:
> - Dillo

I use a P200MHz 40MB RAM system with ratpoison as WM, dillo as primary web
browser, and firebird for viewing the odd site that won't display under

Dillo loads and renders *fast*, faster than w3m-img, with no swapping.
Firebird swaps but is usable.


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