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Re: Query: what's best low-profile WWW gui-UA for Debian?

On a 133MHz 5x86 w/ 40MB RAM (equiv to a 150MHz 486 or 80MHz Pentium),
I found Mozilla to be unusable.  Opera was usable.  Slow, but usable.
8bpp color was unusable.  16bpp color was fine.


Quoting Soren Andersen <somian@adelphia.net>:
> Hi folks,
> I have set up a system based on a Cyrix P120+ cpu and 96 MB RAM, not
> huge gobs of free hdd space either. I have (just yesterday...) got X11R6
> (XFree86) installed. Using the stable XFree86 v4 release. I have got
> some X client apps set up, like Knews and so on.
> I am trying to keep some of the bloat away, both in terms of installed
> disk space consumption and RAM use. Anyway, my X configuration thus is
> what i think to be "minimalistic" to a degree, i.e. no desktop manager,
> just icewm overseeing things. I like ice.
> I have thus far been using lynx for visiting HTML data. I'd like to move
> to a graphical browser. I seek input, insight, well-formed informed
> opinions about which graphical WWW ua package to install or build (I am
> not afraid of my cc ...). Which should it be? Who requires the least
> additional prerequisite packages above and beyond xlibs, I guess, and
> maybe the Athena widget set, maybe ... can Mozilla be built in a modest
> configuration or is it a hog? Opera (I know, non-free software ...)?
> Netscape?
> I like pretty pictures, full PNG support is the one thing I won't
> compromise on if I can possibly avoid it.
> I suppose a few readers must have formed opinions on this subject...
> please speak to me. I welcome CC:s on this topic.
>    Happy Debian Slave,
>       Soren Andersen

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