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Re: Help needed for 'sed'-ing a Hex file

Ronald van Engelen <ronalde@lacocina.nl> writes:

> I'm trying to use some commands from base-utils (like sed, grep and awk)
> to extract a list of filenames from a Cubase generated RIFF file. The
> file is a HEX file and I'm having the following problems at the start of
> the process:

(It sounds like you mean a binary file; I'd expect a "hex file" to
contain only the characters [0-9A-F] and whitespace, and to be a hex
dump of a binary file.)

>From my memory of looking at .wav files (which really are RIFF files)
long long ago, the file format is fairly straightforward; you also
might try writing a Perl/Python script or something similar to
actually parse the file.

> 1. Extract text from the hex file: 
> I've looked at hexdump and hexcurses, but both won't let me make a
> text-only dump of the strings in the hex file.

You might try using strings(1) out of the binutils package.

> The path of the file (D:\Bands\Band
> X\Projecten\StudioStarsound\Tracks\Kopie van 01
> Together\VERSIES\BEWERKT\Audio\) is displayed across lines 7, 8 and 9.
> The actual filename (5 Hi Hat_13.wav) is on line 7. 

Do you in fact have a way of finding the start/end of the filenames in
this format?  Again, you might be happier trying to work on the raw
binary file here.

> 2. KHEXEDIT outputs a standard text file with line-wrapping at column
> 80. I need to get rid of the EOL markers as well, because the filenames
> I'm looking for are spread on multiple lines. I've tried a lot but
> it seems to me that sed can't find strings which are not on one
> line(?).

Yup.  You can use sed to bring in additional lines (with the 'N'
command), but if I'm doing anything this involved, I've probably
switched to perl at this point since it's somewhat less arcane for
this particular sort of work.

David Maze         dmaze@debian.org      http://people.debian.org/~dmaze/
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	-- Abra Mitchell

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