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Re: netfilter/Knetfilter

On Tue, 22 Apr 2003 08:29:57 -0500
"Irish, Jon D BAE SYSTEMS" <Jon.Irish@AMD.ARMY.MIL> wrote:

> I recently upgraded my kernel to 2.4.20. During the selection process, I
> picked the following from the network options:*	Packet Socket
> *	Socket filtering
> *	IP Multicast Support
> *	Network Packet Filtering
> Every time I try to run knetfilter, I get this error: "You have not
> supported netfilter in your kernel.Please recompile your kernel and
> netfilter tools." What options am I missing from my kernel? I thought that
> Network Packet Filtering was all that was required.

Further down the Networking options menu is "IP: Netfilter configuration".
You need to enter that menu and select the features you want to use. I have
almost all the features as modules.


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