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Re: galeon: Depends: mozilla-browser (>= 2:1.0.0)

Bill Moseley <moseley@hank.org> writes:

> I'm running a mostly testing machine, but I've loaded a few packages with
> apt-get -t unstable foo.
> I did an dist-upgrade today and it removed Galeon:
> rc  galeon              1.2.7-6             Mozilla based web browser with GNOME look and feel
> Now, trying to install Galeon again:
> Sorry, but the following packages have unmet dependencies:
>   galeon: Depends: mozilla-browser (>= 2:1.0.0)

That's testing's galeon.

> So I had mozilla-browse 1.3-4 installed.  

That's unstable's mozilla.  Bad combination.

> Why is there a "2" epoch?

Don't know, but it's not important.

> So I removed my mozilla mozilla
> rc  mozilla-browse 1.3-4          Mozilla Web Browser - core and browser
> rc  mozilla-mailne 1.2.1-9        Mozilla Web Browser - mail and news support
> rc  mozilla-psm    1.3-4          Mozilla Web Browser - Personal Security Mana
> rc  mozilla-xft    1.3-4          Mozilla Web Browser - Xft support files
> And tried installing galeon again and and got the same message.
> So tried to re-install mozilla-browser and got:
> Sorry, but the following packages have unmet dependencies:
>   mozilla-browser: Depends: libnspr4 (= 2:1.0.0-0.woody.1) but 2:1.3-4 is  to be installed
> Again, what happened to generate the epoch on these packages?

Nothing generates an epoch.  It was manually added by the maintainer
back in the M18->0.whatever transition.

> How do I get my packages installed?  I can install with -t unstable,
> but if I attempt that then I get more of "The following packages will
> be REMOVED".
> Is it time to just dist-upgrade to unstable?

Yes.  Mixing testing and unstable is a very bad idea right now, and
tends to be a bad idea most of the time.  It's only OK either just
before or just after a stable release.

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than half of you half as well as you deserve.

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